Posted by Vila Smith on Jun 13, 2018

Induction Of New Members
On June 4th 2018, the Rotary Club of Arnprior welcomed two new members with the induction of Larry Moher and Diana Tomazin. 
Terry welcomed Larry to the Club with a brief introduction. 
Larry grew up in Ottawa and pursued a career in electrical merchandise sales.  After his retirement in 2008 he moved to Arnprior where he works part-time at Home Hardware. Larry is an avid traveller and has made 6 major overseas trips. Larry particularly likes the international focus of Rotary and hopes to get actively involved with Rotary. 
Terry Dawson presented Larry with a Rotary pin and badge.
Larry will be mentored by Terry. 
Bruce Buie welcomed Diana to the Club with a brief introduction.
Diana grew up in St. Catherine’s and has relocated  herself along with her mother to Arnprior where she has had a Family Law practice since 2011.  Diana enjoys travelling and her travels have taken her mainly to Europe. Diana is very encouraged by the global involvement of Rotary and is looking forward to getting involved with Rotary.
Bruce presented Diana with the Rotary pin and badge. Bruce will also mentor Diana. 
Welcome Larry and Diana to the Rotary Club of 
From left to  right
Bruce Buie, Diana Tomazin  Larry Moher, Terry Dawson and Rod Smith